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Comptia Network+ improves career prospects for IT professionals

Most organizations have a large number of computers for their employees, which are connected to each other on the computer network, so that data can be shared and transferred within the organization and outside. For designing, configuring and maintaining the network, ensuring that it is secure, most companies hire IT professionals with the necessary networking certifications. Though there are other networking related certifications from Microsoft and Cisco, one of the most popular certifications in the CompTIA network+ certification. Getting this certification will help an IT professional in his networking career, hence more details of this certification are provided.

Net+ Certification

Though most IT professionals working in a large organization will have some experience in networking, the certification is proof of the knowledge and skills which they have.

N+ Certification

The network+ certification ensures that the professional has the skills to design and also implement networks of different sizes. He should also be able to configure the various devices, manage them and main the entire network. The network devices like switches and routers should be selected to create secure networks which cannot be tampered and also distribute the traffic.

CompTIA Network Plus

The professional should be able to analyze the existing network and implement measures to troubleshoot it if required and make the network secure. He should implement the network standards, protocols for communication and develop the virtualized networks. The network+ certification is awarded to those who complete the CompTIA test and has an exam code of N10-007.

CompTIA Network+ Salary | Network+ Certification Salary

The network plus salary of a person who passes the network+ exam is usually much higher and certification is required for a number of networking Network+ jobs like junior network administrator, computer, help desk or network technician, system or network field engineer, network support specialist and network analyst

Network Plus Study Guide

There are a number of network+ training options available for those who wish to become Network+ certified. CompTIA Certmaster is offering different types of training packages for those who wish to get certified. The premier package costing $999 includes a network+ practice test in addition to exam voucher, exam retakes voucher, learn for network+ study guide in ebook form. The Deluxe package costing $849 is similar to the premier package except that it does not have the network plus practice test module. The basic CompTIA Network+ exam voucher costs $319 and does not include any training tools.

Network Plus Training

There are a number of training options available for professionals who wish to get certified. The official CompTIA books are prepared by experts in the field and have trusted content with all the knowledge required. Training which led by instructors is also available for professionals who prefer classroom training. The instructors are familiar with the details of the network+ certification and help their students master all the networking concepts including hardware, protocols, cabling so that they can pass the certification network+ test successfully. After the student has completed all the training and is confident enough, he can purchase the exam voucher.

The scope of the CompTIA network+ exam N10-007 has been updated in 2018 and includes newer topics like cloud computing, vital security concepts, virtualization, new hardware. It includes a maximum of ninety questions which have to be completed within ninety minutes. These questions may be performance-based, drag and drop type or multiple choice questions. On a scale of 100 to 900, the passing score is 720. The network plus exam can be answered in English, German and Japanese at present. The minimum requirement for taking the exam is CompTIA A+ certification and experience of nine to twelve months in networking. The exam code is changed every three years since the scope revises to keep up with the latest technology.

While other companies like Cisco are also offering networking related certification, the main advantage of getting certification using CompTIA Certmaster is that it is based on the role of the professional at his job. It is not specific to a particular vendor like Cisco, it covers the technology, software, and devices from all vendors which are used for networking. Almost all the largest brands in the tech sector like Apple, Dell, HP, Intel, Verizon, Ricoh, Canon, recognize the network+ certification. After being certified, the IT professional can keep his certification renewed by availing of the continuing education program of CompTIA. The professional should participate in related activities or get relevant training.

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